In-person Services ON SundaYS!

We are so excited to have in-person services and live-stream on Sunday mornings!

(Tuesday evening is currently live-stream only.)

Please read the guidelines for our Sunday morning in-person service.

           LIVE STREAM CHANNEL       

Please join us on our live stream channel to live stream Sunday morning and Tuesday night services.

Live Stream Details

You can get to our live stream on the Calvary Chapel In The City YouTube channel.

Traducción a Español: Traducción en vivo a español disponsible los Martes en la pagina de Youtube de Calvary Chapel in The City.


Please sign up for our church email list by clicking here

Zoom Bible StudY and Prayer Groups

To join the Bible Study and Prayer groups listed below, select the link at the time of the session to join the Zoom. *Important: You will need to enter a password to access the meetings which is provided through the church email distribution list. If you would like to join any of the meetings below, please add yourself to the distribution list.

Zoom Instructions: The first time you select a link, you will be prompted to install the Zoom app.  During the installation be sure to select Allow on all permissions so that the app can function properly.  If you miss this step uninstall the app, then re-install it again where you will be able to make the Allow selections.








who we are

We are a fellowship of believers located in the heart of Boston. We worship Jesus Christ as our one and only Lord and Savior. Our desire is to grow in our relationship with God through the knowledge of His grace and truth, grow in our relationships with one another, and tell the world of God’s love for them. Following the church model in Acts 2:42, we continue steadfastly in teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer.