Sunday School In-Person Guidelines

Hello everyone!

Governor Baker and Boston Mayor Chaney have issued an order lifting all COVID-related restrictions for churches and most businesses, effective May 29, 2021.  As a result, facemasks are no longer required (although facemasks are recommended by the governor and mayor for those who have not been vaccinated), and neither is social distancing.  Capacity limits in conference centers such as the Longwood Hall or Fenway Room have been eliminated.

Facemasks are optional

In line with the Governor’s and Mayor’s orders, facemasks will now be optional at our Sunday School.  However, because we want to be sensitive and loving to those who are wary of the new maskless environment (including visitors from the hospitals), Sunday School workers will continue to wear masks for the immediate future.  Sunday School parents have the responsibility for deciding whether their children wear masks.

Social distancing with seats will continue

For the immediate future, we will practice social distancing in terms of how seats are arranged in Sunday School.  There will otherwise be no social distancing requirements.

If your child has COVID-19 symptoms, please watch on live stream

If your child has COVID-19 symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please watch on live stream!

We have been praying ten-fold throughout COVID, and as a result have seen the hand of the Lord greatly move among us.  We can’t stop now!  Please pray for a move of the Holy Spirit which prompts a dying-to-self love and compassion and unity among us that really, really looks like Jesus.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you,

Calvary Chapel In The City